How to Protect Your ICO Investment

Ways to Protect Your ICO

Lots of hype these days is surrounding Blockchain technology, facilitating new ways for industries startups to raise funds.Since initial coin offerings (ICOs) and token generation events are not formally regulated by any financial authority, investors must beware of…

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Community Building: A prerequisite for ICO Marketing

Community Building

Building a successful Blockchain project begins at an elementary level. Despite engaging more mainstream attention, the crypto world is still a closely-knit community of developers, small-scale investors, and supporters who still move around in the same online circles….

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Understanding the ICO Fundraising Mechanism

Fundraising Mechanism

Initial Coin Offering or ICO is a fundraising mechanism for a new cryptocurrency venture. ICO process is vital for the start-up companies for crowd-funding, in which new projects sell their underlying crypto tokens to fund project development. It’s…

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Explaining STO (Security Token Offering) to an 11-Year Old?

Security Token Offering

With so many ICOs getting launched every day, it is difficult to differentiate a good ICO from a bad ICO. What is even more astonishing is that not even 20% of the ICO’s are able to reach soft…

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Industry proposal on cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets and blockchain regulation

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5 Basic Don’ts for ICO Marketing

Considering that you are already on the page of TokenAsia, an ICO Consultancy & Advisory, it will be naïve to talk about What an ICO is. The concept has garnered interest from everyone and have created a new…

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Daily Challenges in a Migrant’s Life and How CryptoCurrency is Changing it

The cryptocurrency concept, and blockchain, which is the technology associated with it, have been visualized to help bring a revolution in addressing a wide range of issues that a migrant might face away from home. Getting accustomed to…

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Banking the Unbanked: A Risky Proposition or a Market Opportunity?

The Global Findex, a World Bank program launched in 2011 in over 140 countries studies how adults perform financial transactions across the world — how they borrow, save, make payments and manage financial risks. Its focus was in…

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Blockchain Might Completely Replace Traditional Remittance Based Services

Traditional Remittance

The blockchain is a public ledger in which transactions are recorded in real time at regular intervals. The ledger is organized in a manner that allows anyone to go back into the past and review transactions. In other…

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