Blockchain Politics: Will it be a real thing?

blockchain politics

It seems that Blockchain is the hottest technological debate of the decade. So what is so intriguing about this decentralized technology? The fact is Blockchain holds the key to transform two of the most powerful organizations of human…

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The Idea of Blockchain technology in the CPG and retail industry

CPG and retail industry

  The advent of the digital age has pushed the service providers to reinvent new ways to serve the consumers. The digital tsunami is poised to fundamentally alter the ways of doing business and create immediate opportunities for…

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Blockchain – Firm Solution for helpless farmers

Blockchain in Agricultural

  If you ate today, thank a farmer. We go to a doctor once in a while but when it comes to basic sustainability of our lives, we need to thank a farmer at least thrice a day….

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From Farm to plate – Blockchain technology in Agriculture supply chain

Blockchain technology in Agriculture supply chain

  Blockchain has been recognized as a digital ledger technology that promises ubiquitous transactions in real time, among distributed untrusted parties. However, at present, it has consolidated its position in almost every sector of the economy as a…

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Blockchain: Combatting the challenges of Agricultural Subsidy Management System

agricultural subsidies

Agriculture is the most engaging and essential industry in the world. The agriculture and its related industries contribute $992 billion to U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) in 2015, along with providing 11% of total U.S. employment, which is…

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Blockchain Adoption in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Despite astounding technological advancements over the past century, Pharmaceutical Supply chain has a lot of potential for improvement. The Pharmaceutical Supply chain has many well-recognized and documented serious epidemics affecting the complex chain. The manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals along…

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Incorporation of smart contracts in the Pharmacy Supply chain

pharmacy supply chain

Existing for only a decade, Blockchain has already made its way into the life of the general public. This buzzing technology regularly hit headlines because of the dramatic rise and fall of Bitcoin prices, on mainstream media platforms….

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Big things ahead for Healthcare Industry with Blockchain

healthcare industry

The average life expectancy across the globe has almost doubled since 1900 and is now approaching 70 years. This dramatic increase in life expectancy over the last 200 years has been the boon of amalgamation of medicine and…

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Liquidity Management: A Comprehensive Guide


To maintain the balance of any market, maintaining liquidity is of prime importance. Liquidity doesn’t mean evading price fluctuations of an asset altogether but controlling the occurrences of drastic changes. These oscillations are crucial in getting better returns…

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Blockchain: The route that leads to Banking revolution


Rising Significance of Blockchain in the Banking Industry Banking has been an inseparable part of society since the very inception of it, and today the world has discovered a technology which challenges the very foundation of this sector….

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