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Community Mangement
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Every other day, numerous Token offering projects backed by Cryptocurrencies go live in front of the international audience comprising of millions of people ready to invest millions of dollars. They are willing to invest their hard earned money in the future billion-dollar company proposing a promising project today.  The question here is, how do you assert yourself as that next big company and catch the audience’s eyeballs in a market of cut-throat competition?

In the blockchain space, community management is a key feature of a project’s growth path; maintaining and engaging the community plays a key role in a project’s success. But community management during crowdsourcing or other events is challenging, the community is ‘on’ 24/7 and demands responsive management.

The key to a successful Crypto Funding Project is its effective marketing which stands at a disadvantage without a good community management strategy. A strong and loyal community with active users will effectively market your project and fetch the desired attention to it. Before we talk about what is the best way to manage a Blockchain community, let’s talk about the necessary characteristics a community manager needs to possess.

Characteristics of an effective community manager

Community Management

1. Empathy

Commonly known as compassion and emotional intelligence, a community manager should be able to effectively comprehend and express feelings of and with his community. He/She should be able to understand the concerns of the community and resolve the problems without being cold or partial towards the company.

2. Communication

Empathy without communication is baseless. A community manager won’t be able to make himself heard if he is just ‘feeling’ things and not able to express them appropriately. It is not about impeccable knowledge of language and grammar, but about speaking the language that the audience understands.

3. Passion

Since a community manager will be talking about the project and advocating it during most part of the day, he needs to feel genuine love towards it. False, half-hearted passion will eventually come through in front of his audience leading them to disenchantment. Also, it is the passion and love for his project that’ll make him inquisitive towards it and urge him to gain a vast knowledge of the same which is crucial to resolving the doubts of a community.

4. Patience

Community managers are the first ones to hear their community’s issues and criticism. The members are not always polite with their choice of words and can choose to abuse when expressing their dissatisfaction with the project. It can become overwhelming for the manager to respectfully handle these feedbacks, especially when there are thousands of people coming at them all together. Patience is the virtue that gets them by and keeps them together when they are the only ones feeling the brunt of project dissatisfaction.

5. Resourceful and decisive

A community manager should be able to take quick action with the available resources when an emergency arises. Time is of prime importance in the world of social media and if the manager doesn’t act in time, he might as well lose the opportunity to act.

Also, social media is a dynamic platform and its changes are unpredictable. He should be able to quickly adapt to the altered environment and be able to change plans within short deadlines.

His resourceful nature won’t only allow him to take care of crises, but also keep the community engaged and well-managed when the waters are calm. A community manager can use the readily available resources to maintain conversations within his audience. Utilizing images, vines, and other media content is a smart move that ensures that the community doesn’t become a boring place to be in.

Now, let’s analyze the best ways of Blockchain community management.

Ways to Manage a Blockchain Community

1. Maintain community engagement

No project will be able to have a loyal audience if their community is boring. An inactive community is the sinking ship of a Crypto Funding Project which will reach no land. It should be frequented with questions, announcements, interesting topics of discussions, AMA sessions and constant demand for feedbacks. It is these things that show to the community that a project is working to be the best and values their opinion. When they feel heard, they will have the urge to speak and share which will be extremely beneficial for the project in the long run.

2. Maintain private conversations with community members

Ask your community members questions about themselves as well. Get to know them, personally ask them about their demographics, preferences, their opinions about how you can better the community engagement and win the confidence of your members.

Begin with maintaining conversations with the most active members and gradually expand your reach. You’ll be surprised by the effect their suggestions can make and how this simple act of getting to know them can gain their loyalty towards you.

3. Have a sturdy banning policy in place

Not all your community members will be genuinely interested in your project. Some will even be there for selfish motives or to hamper the image of your project. Beware of these scammers and have an effective banning policy in place to identify and eliminate them in time, because they can negatively influence the environment of your community.  

4. Community Rewards Program Launch and Management

Increase the engagement of your community with Airdrop and Bounties reward programs. The incentive of gaining possession of free tokens will grab the interest of the members and increase their engagement on your social media channels.

5. VIP Participation

Having an expert or an influencer speak for your project will help you gain your community’s confidence and interest. Approach influencers who have gained a social standing in your relevant industry and convince him or her to advocate your project on their social media platforms. Share those blogs and posts with your audience to bring it to their attention.

Although there is no perfect method to have a successful and growing community, these guidelines will definitely help you to do good community management. Find out what works best for you and implement that to reach your desired goals. You can also seek the support of TokenAsia which has a team of expert community managers who are well-adept to build and manage a successful community for your business.

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