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Big things ahead for Healthcare Industry with Blockchain

healthcare industry

The average life expectancy across the globe has almost doubled since 1900 and is now approaching 70 years. This dramatic increase in life expectancy over the last 200 years has been the boon of amalgamation of medicine and…

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Liquidity Management: A Comprehensive Guide


To maintain the balance of any market, maintaining liquidity is of prime importance. Liquidity doesn’t mean evading price fluctuations of an asset altogether but controlling the occurrences of drastic changes. These oscillations are crucial in getting better returns…

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The Doctrine of Successful community management

Community Mangement

Every other day, numerous Token offering projects backed by Cryptocurrencies go live in front of the international audience comprising of millions of people ready to invest millions of dollars. They are willing to invest their hard earned money…

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3 Reasons why Ethereum is a bad Blockchain for your business


While Blockchain led to an economic revolution in the year 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto released the world’s first decentralized ledger, it was the Ethereum project launched in the year 2015 which the entrepreneurship and startup sector. The project…

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The Most Popular ERC Token Standards in the Industry

ERC token

The ERC20 token standard has shown the world the benefits of standardization. No longer did you have to learn to code to create your own ERC20 token. You can generate your ERC20 token by simply clicking on this…

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Are your advisors harming your ICO?

We have all been there, searching and googling for the best ICO advisors who would help us raise funds. We have messaged people on LinkedIn, talked to advisors on Telegram and then finalised the best advisors for a…

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The Next Chapter to a Successful ICO

A Blockchain based start-up goes through the ordeal of developing business models, rolling out white papers, legal documents and conducting a token offering. The fundraising goes successful and the project raises its hard cap. Now comes the reality…

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5 Reasons why your ICO Marketing Campaign has failed to raise funds

Coined in the year 2013, the term initial coin offering or ICO has seen tremendous growth over the years. An alternative mechanism of fundraising adopted by startups building solutions on top of the Blockchain technology, ICOs cumulatively till…

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The Definitive Guide to Airdrop Campaigns and their utility

Before the arrival of ICOs, the term ‘airdrop’ was known as a file transfer technology between two or more Apple devices. However, now this term (which is completely different from Apple’s tech) is being heard in the Blockchain…

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7 SEO Tips to Boost Your ICO


Since their first launch in the year 2013, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have seen a tremendous acceptance rate and are being actively used by Blockchain enterprises for raising capital. Compared to the year 2013 the number of startups…

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