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Why investors are preferring IEOs over ICOs?

investors preferring IEOs over ICOs

Initial Exchange Offering has emerged as a popular and crypto fundraising scheme for Blockchain startups. From less than a dozen to over a hundred Initial Exchange Offering projects going live in 2019, the total funds raised by IEO…

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The Essentials of launching a successful IEO

Launching a successful IEO

The advent of IEOs in 2017 stirred a massive storm in the cryptocurrency industry, as it changed the crowdfunding landscape forever. The fundraising method is quickly gaining popularity among blockchain startups looking to raise funds as this tokenized…

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The Evolution of IEO Market

Evolution of IEO Market

Today, the demand for cryptocurrencies is gaining pace as more and more people are getting involved in the crypto sphere. The growing awareness in inflicting interest in common people,  investors, traders, project teams, and exchanges to learn about…

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What is a Crypto exchange? What exchanges are supporting IEO with Wallet?

IEO crypto exchange

The acceptance of cryptocurrencies and the rise of crypto-economy has opened new gates for trade and business. Therefore, arises the need of exchanging one cryptocurrency for another, buying and selling of coins, and the exchange of fiat money…

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Why an IEO serves as a better alternative to the ICO?

IEO fundraising

  Initial coin offering has been the main source of fundraising for Blockchain projects until 2019. They have been quite a successful model raising billions of dollars every year. In 2018 alone 1247 ICOs raised over $7.5 billion….

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Will Blockchain shake up Legal Industry for good?

Blockchain Legal Industry

  The increasing adaptation of technology within the legal industry has sent a clear indication: technology will underpin innovation in legal services and spur a rapid evolution. One technology which is frequently making its way to the top…

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ICO vs IEO, Who wins the race?


  The digital age has bought many revolutions for the global economy hence, redefining the rules of trade. The advent of decentralization with the prominence of Blockchain technology has truly changed the internet. Web 3.0 as it is…

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Will Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Effect The Future Of Stock Trading?

Stock Trading

  Globalization has made our world a small place, but the technological advancements have made the global market faster and more complex than ever imagined. The stock market has been the backbone of the financial world for centuries….

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The Idea of Blockchain technology in the CPG and retail industry

CPG and retail industry

  The advent of the digital age has pushed the service providers to reinvent new ways to serve the consumers. The digital tsunami is poised to fundamentally alter the ways of doing business and create immediate opportunities for…

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Blockchain – Firm Solution for helpless farmers

Blockchain in Agricultural

  If you ate today, thank a farmer. We go to a doctor once in a while but when it comes to basic sustainability of our lives, we need to thank a farmer at least thrice a day….

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