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Can Blockchain Revolutionize The Education System?

Education system

  Education is a vital sector for the economy and the future of the nation. The sector is as important as finance, healthcare, and agriculture. With advancing technology, our digital world is progressing from Internet of Things to…

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5 Things Everyone Need To Know About Blockchain Loyalty Program Today

  The Loyalty Program industry is already prospering with a mammoth value of over US $360 billion. Yet according to Colloquy Loyalty Census 2017, sadly 57% of the surveyed consumers did not even know their point balance. Around…

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Why blockchain technology is the future of the Energy Sector?

future of the Energy Sector

  Blockchain, a nascent technology has completely baffled the financial world with its versatile capabilities. The transparent, tamper-proof and secure Blockchain enabled system is slowly captivating the entire economy to adopt its wide range of applications in their…

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Blockchain Politics: Will it be a real thing?

blockchain politics

It seems that Blockchain is the hottest technological debate of the decade. So what is so intriguing about this decentralized technology? The fact is Blockchain holds the key to transform two of the most powerful organizations of human…

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Blockchain: The route that leads to Banking revolution


Rising Significance of Blockchain in the Banking Industry Banking has been an inseparable part of society since the very inception of it, and today the world has discovered a technology which challenges the very foundation of this sector….

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What are HD Wallets?

hd wallet

In one of our earlier posts, we discussed different types of cryptocurrency wallets and how they differ from conventional wallets. Now as the technology evolves and the Blockchain space grows, a new type of wallet known as the…

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Types of Crypto Wallets

crypto wallet

There were 300,000 cryptocurrency wallets in the world as reported by Statistica in the first quarter of 2015. Now the number has risen to approximately 30 million, a 900% increase in total. While the number of crypto wallet…

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6 Blockchains better than Ethereum for your ICO

Bitcoin, as the world’s first cryptocurrency, brought in a paradigm shift in the existing economic ecosystem. Still, it was after the price of bitcoin skyrocketed in the year 2017 that people started learning about the underlying technology called…

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8 Steps to build a Blockchain solution

Blockchain is a platform that assists in distribution and computing of data. This model of data distribution is one of the most secure forms of transactions made by an organization. A feature called smart contract assists this technology….

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