Why investors are preferring IEOs over ICOs?

investors preferring IEOs over ICOs

Initial Exchange Offering has emerged as a popular and crypto fundraising scheme for Blockchain startups. From less than a dozen to over a hundred Initial Exchange Offering projects going live in 2019, the total funds raised by IEO…

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The Essentials of launching a successful IEO

Launching a successful IEO

The advent of IEOs in 2017 stirred a massive storm in the cryptocurrency industry, as it changed the crowdfunding landscape forever. The fundraising method is quickly gaining popularity among blockchain startups looking to raise funds as this tokenized…

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The Evolution of IEO Market

Evolution of IEO Market

Today, the demand for cryptocurrencies is gaining pace as more and more people are getting involved in the crypto sphere. The growing awareness in inflicting interest in common people,  investors, traders, project teams, and exchanges to learn about…

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What is a Crypto exchange? What exchanges are supporting IEO with Wallet?

IEO crypto exchange

The acceptance of cryptocurrencies and the rise of crypto-economy has opened new gates for trade and business. Therefore, arises the need of exchanging one cryptocurrency for another, buying and selling of coins, and the exchange of fiat money…

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Disruption of the Education industry by Blockchain

blockchain in education industry

  Researchers, techno-enthusiasts, and developers have hailed Blockchain as a path to a fairer, more democratic world. Many believe that this emerging technology will disrupt the unelected power and influence wielded by multinational companies and financial institutions while…

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Why an IEO serves as a better alternative to the ICO?

IEO fundraising

  Initial coin offering has been the main source of fundraising for Blockchain projects until 2019. They have been quite a successful model raising billions of dollars every year. In 2018 alone 1247 ICOs raised over $7.5 billion….

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Blockchain disrupting Charities

Blockchain disrupting Charities

  The charity has been a part of society since ages given the need of people to do there a bit in making a difference. However, the dilemma arises when charitable giving turns out to be not as…

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Will Blockchain shake up Legal Industry for good?

Blockchain Legal Industry

  The increasing adaptation of technology within the legal industry has sent a clear indication: technology will underpin innovation in legal services and spur a rapid evolution. One technology which is frequently making its way to the top…

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Possible Use Cases for Rental and Ride Sharing Industry with Blockchain

Rental and Ride Sharing Industry

  In the 21st century, life without ridesharing seems unimaginable. The rental and ride-sharing industry has a global net revenue of over $7.5 billion and about 53% of the population has an experience of trying ride-sharing apps. Clearly,…

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Blockchain ‘securitizing’ Data Security Industry

Blockchain data security industry

  In today’s world, data is one of the most important assets in the world with some of the world’s leading conglomerates like Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, etc. being data-centric companies. It is disheartening to see that…

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